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 Renato Laranja interview

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PostSubject: Renato Laranja interview   Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:47 pm

Quote :
Inside BJJ-It’s interesting you bring up Chael Sonnen because I wanted to ask you about him. In particular, he had a fight with Anderson Silva where he was on his way to winning the fight up until the very end. Give us your thoughts on that fight? How would do in a fight against Chael Sonnen?

Renato Laranja-That’s easy fight for me. Anderson Silva only looked bad in the beginning because he had some broken “hibs”.

Inside BJJ-He had broken hands?

Renato Laranja-Hibs!

Inside BJJ-He had broken hips?

Renato Laranja-No, hibs! You ever hear that song from Chili’s, “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…hibs!” Also, there is Tony Homa’s, a place for hibs. What I’m speaking? Chinese?

Inside BJJ-Oh ribs! I understand now. I thought you said hip.

Renato Laranja-I’m sorry you misunderstand that. Anderson was weak and he still put a triangle to that guy. Chael Sonnen’s jiu-jitsu is so bad. Matt Horwich can submit that guy. It’s embarrassing that guy’s jiu-jitsu. I can do anything I want to that guy.

Inside BJJ-What technique would you use?

Renato Laranja-Probably to add insult and put injury for him, I would use a triangle. He’s the poster boy for triangles. He should be on the cover of Pink Floyd’s next album because when I see him, all I see is a triangle.

Inside BJJ-What is your opinion of him as a competitor? He has a controversial track record.

Renato Laranja-Chael Sonnen is famous for being a big mouth wise guy who is a “Hepublican” who talk alotta stuffs. He talk a lot of stuffs but he also have a lot of losses. If he try to bark on the wrong tree, he’s gonna lose again.

Inside BJJ-What do you think about his Testosterone Replacement Therapy? I don’t know if you’re familiar with the IBJJF and the talk of potentially testing for performance enhancing drugs? What is your opinion of drug use in MMA and jiu-jitsu?

Renato Laranja-I’m not afraid of that. If I come in shape, that guy can be on any thing he want. He can be on steroids. He can be on “heefer”. I’m still gonna win. The most controversial thing about Chael Sonnen is his “Heal” Estate techniques. I’m a worried about his “Heal” Estate license. I don’t know how he got that. He’s a shyster.

Inside BJJ-I don’t know if he’s still in real estate.

Renato Laranja-I’m hope not.

Inside BJJ-You mentioned the US has good wrestlers. We’re starting to see a trend in the UFC where wrestling is becoming a primary base where it used to be jiu-jitsu. What do you think about guys who dabble more in wrestling than jiu-jitsu?

Renato Laranja-I don’t think so much for those guys. Look at Brock Lesnar. The last time Brock Lesnar fight he was “dabble” in losing. You can still bring any of those guys. I can fight “Hic” Flair. I can fight Ko Ko B. Ware. I’m not afraid of that black guy. He also have a big mouth and flashy clothes. That’s kid stuffs. jiu-jitsu is number one in my book. The night of the fight I’m gonna show that.

The entire interview is kind of long, but trust me; it's absolutely worth it!

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Renato Laranja interview
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