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 Potential ramifications of HBO shakeup for Boxing, MMA

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PostSubject: Potential ramifications of HBO shakeup for Boxing, MMA   Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:19 pm

Quote :
On the whole the recent news that now former president of HBO sports
Ross Greenburg was leaving the company was met with little surprise from
most boxing fans, and a certain amount of elation from others.
The lack of surprise at the departure stems from the fact that
Greenburg recently presided over a series of disastrous decisions for
the formerly undisputed home of boxing, culminating in the loss of pay
per view super star Manny Pacquiao to rival network Showtime.
Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum, along with several others, have been
critical of what they perceive as the favoritism HBO show to Golden Boy
and Al Haymon represented fighters for some time.
HBO perhaps misguidedly believing that they were the only viable
option, did little to placate them, gradually allowing Showtime's
boxing program to grow into a genuine rival.
There were several other controversial decisions as well.
Former WBC welterweight titlist Andre Berto for example was paid
millions to defend his title against what can only be considered easy
competition without ever really having any drawing power to justify the
expenditure. He subsequently lost, albeit in a great fight, the first
time he did step up in competition.
Middleweight ace Sergio Martinez, one of the few fighters who does
pull his weight, routinely had his choice of opponent turned down, only
for other fighters to inexplicably be approved fights against the very
same opponents.
There was also the debacle between light welterweight champions Tim
Bradley and Devon Alexander, who fought an ugly headbutt-ridden contest
at a mostly empty Detroit Silverdome, attracting poor viewing figures
and both having been given guarantees of over a million dollars each for
their next fights, irrespective of performance.
Despite whatever mistakes Greenburg might have made however,
unquestionably he had a difficult and mostly thankless task that more
often than not relied on the unreliable, and for the majority of his
time at HBO he did a good job.
That being said, a change in this instance seems the best option for
all involved, whether Greenburg was in fact fired, left of his own
accord or was pushed out.
(Greenburg said in an interview with the NY times that he left voluntarily, see Michael Marley's take on the situation here: HBO Bossman Greenburg: I wasn't canned, I quit; Kery Davis twists in the wind)
The most immediate improvement Greenburg's replacement will
undoubtedly attempt to make will be to repair the damaged relationship
between the network and Top Rank, who promote Manny Pacquiao.
Even with Floyd Mayweather back from retirement and talking about
fighting more often, having both of the biggest draws in the sport is
ultimately better than just one.
Secondly, dividing up the available television dates amongst the
various promoters more fairly and putting together more competitive
matches should also be high on the agenda.

UFC on HBO anyone? Sounds like it could be a reality, or at least it has a far better shot than it once did,


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PostSubject: Re: Potential ramifications of HBO shakeup for Boxing, MMA   Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:41 pm

Sigh ... Boxing is always so fuked up. Who knows Greenburg making bad decisions to screw HBO? Payoffs? The problem with boxing all that shit is always a big possibility.
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Potential ramifications of HBO shakeup for Boxing, MMA
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